DB to HTML Express

DB to HTML Express 3.0

Turns the user's DB files into the HTML format
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Upload the information contained in your databases to your website by turning in into an HTML file. The tool creates searchable HTML files with customizable lines, fonts or colors and works with images contained in the database. It also includes the ability to convert DB files into the PDF, XML or CSV formats.

DB to HTML Express is easy to use template based development tool for database to HTML converting. Create search enabled web pages without additional HTML editor. DB to HTML Express has great visual building tools and can be used by beginners as well as advanced users. Report creation is easy and fast. You can customize your pages appearance: fonts,colours,lines. You can create set of searchable HTML pages or even export graphic images from your database. You can create separate Web page for each database category. Fully customizable Index page that contains links to all HTML pages can be generated also. Smart FTP upload allows you to quickly publish changed-only files. All generated HTML and image files can be converted to a single PDF file that is perfect for online distribution or presentations. After you create DB to HTML Express project you can publish your data to the Web with a sigle mouse click.

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